What we do

For a strategy implementation to be successful, it needs to be ingrained into corporate culture... find out what makes the Quoxient system stick .

For an enterprise to succeed, the culture needs to evolve with changing times. Quoxient reviews strategy, sets new objectives and measures performance.

Successful journeys need maps... The Quoxient Road Map (QRM) provides a clear 4 part plan to guide you to your destination of realised objectives.

The Strategy Map looks at the organisation from different perspectives such as Financial, Customer, Internal Process and Learning.

The Balanced Scorecard displays how each team leader is performing against agreed KPIs, showing variances, trends and "points of pain".

The one-on-one meeting system provides an excellent platform for Manager - Report interaction, feedback, review and planning work ahead for best results.

The integrated Performance Management system informs leaders of their performance on a monthly basis... no more waiting for mid or end of year surprises.