How it works

Imagine that there are three people working in three very different organisations:

Employee A works for a large retailer with many divisions across the country

Employee B works for a large international non-profit organisation

Employee C works for a large mining company

The three organisations have few things in common, however they all have well developed vision and mission statements, as well as clear strategic objectives.

Employees A, B and C have been tasked by the senior management of their respective organisations to turn their strategic plans into reality. Is there a process that they can follow, and what actions do they take? How do they ensure that vision and mission statements are not just empty words?

The key high level issue facing any organisation is not the development of strategy: It is the implementation.

Quoxient solves this problem in a unique way.

The starting point is the four-phase process called the Quoxient Road Map or QRM Note: Click on each of the links for a description of each of the words used.

Implementation Software

To make an strategy implementation work, it needs to be simple, easy to use and fast.

The quoxient system uses the Qsoar software package to implement the one-on-one meeting system.

The Qsoar download area is a password protected area and contains the latest Qsoar Distribution for Quoxient clients, along with any addition files or resources made available.

Qsoar the software that supports the quoxient system can also be run from the cloud.

    We can support this in two ways.
  • One we provide the software and you run in your corporate cloud, maintaining it as you might for an on premiss server system.
  • Two we provide the cloud and the software and you log in with an authorised email account.

The Qsoar software is licensed on a per site basis, based on the number of users of the system.

The Qsoar software license

Legal Notices

TQsoar in the cloud demo