Qsoar Demo

These are password protected demonstration sites based in the cloud, that contains the latest Qsoar Distribution and a single database. Please note that any information you enter can be seen (in theory) by all participants in the demonstration.

To access the sites you will need an authorised email address. Currently, if you have a gmail email address you will be able to be authorised by google, otherwise you will need to maintain a password to log in. We will open this up to other forms of authentication, such as Microsoft, and perhaps Twitter and FaceBook when and if we add an SSL certificate to the demonstration.

To make your email address an authorised email address contact Quoxient Sales: sales@quoxient.com.au.

Qsoar Cloud Demo

There are five imaginary organisations all in one system available in the demonstration below (including an imaginary holding company). Each of these organisations has a different look, showing how you can have a custom corporate identity.

To enhance you security do not use the same password on your login here as any other site.

Because we are using an AZURE web service for this demonstration, and cannot add drivers to allow the Excel import and export functions have been disabled. These will be re-written shortly to allow cloud excel import and export. This limitation does not apply to a cloud based quoxient system on a Virtual Machine.

Please review and accept the Quoxient 'Qsoar' Licence Agreement before clicking on demonstration sites links below.

Please note also the additional legal notices.

Qsoar Demo Ltd

Qsoar Demo Ltd Qsoar (Quoxient strategic objectives actions realised) is an imaginary holding company that has 3 major subsidiaries and an associated NGO that it administers and sponsors.

  • Red Sky NGO is an imaginary NGO, sponsored by the Qsoar Demo Ltd group of companies, that has a number of international projects.

  • Green Energy Pty Ltd is an imaginary private company falling under the consolidated Qsoar Demo Ltd, is a utility company supplying retail electricity and gas.

  • Blue Hills Mining is an imaginary public company falling under the consolidated Qsoar Demo Ltd, that is supplies large amounts of Iron Ore to overseas customers.

  • Gold Star Retailing Pty Ltd is an imaginary private company falling under the consolidated Qsoar Demo Ltd, that runs a chain of supermarkets.